Fruit Machine 2
Performance at the New Museum
A line of text is delivered by alternating emcees in American Sign Language or spoken English. 7 contestants (2 blind, 2 deaf each paired with an ASL interpreter, 1 hearing) each assigned a fruit, are chosen at random by the Fruit Machine app then transmit language across different sensory registers, subjectivities and modes of communication.

App development and design: Samuel Cormier
Sound design: Aaron David Ross
Emcees: King David, Douglas Ridloff
Stage interpreters: Anthony Adamo, Jessica Ames
Banana M. Leona Godin
Berry Hari Nef
Cherries Alexandria Wailes and Felice Shays
Lime Frank Senior
Peaches James W. Guido and Jon Wolfe Nelson

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Fruit Machine 2

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